Partners through ScotiaRISE, our Newest Global Community Investment

I Am A Girl has made significant impact in improving the lives of girls. There is alignment between the charity’s objectives and the Bank’s focus on improving economic resilience for disadvantaged groups. At Scotiabank, we believe that with the right support, children can realise their potential and unlock a future of sustained success that benefits them, their family and their entire community, and as such, we are committed to investing in a better future for our young people. 

Sustaining the Lives of Adolescent Girls, Their Growth and Development

Community Windpower Ltd. is at the forefront of wind energy development in the UK, and is wholly committed to fulfilling community obligations. We work closely with communities to provide significant economic, educational, environmental and social benefits.  Our partnership with I Am A Girl is a unique one, because of our love and connection to Barbados. Our partnership supports the food and hygiene bank, along with helping the girls' educational development,  financial literacy and mental wellness.  We contribute where they need it most.

Deepening Our Commitment to Movements Working With And For Girls

Our mission is to create a more just and balanced world, and for us fundamentally that means we must end all forms of violence against girls and women. We support initiatives that promote a holistic, interconnected and healing vision for humanity. Our model is favourable towards uplifting the leadership of organisations, that are usually working within many limitations to support the impact on beneficiaries, and in fostering collaborative relationships like this, we enable the growth and stability to thrive, so that impact is long lasting.

Support Provided to Center Leadership and Strategies for Adolescent Girls

Global Fund for Women is a feminist fund with an intersectional lens for 30+ years, who supports gender justice and grassroots movements towards them creating meaningful change that will last beyond our lifetimes. We offer flexible feminist funding and support to fuel collective action because we envision a world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all.

our implementing partners

Charting A Path Forward for Youth and Their Careers Through Technology 

The IDB Family Association aims to improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. We prioritise projects that will benefit children, teens, and women, especially those that promote learning and training that can make an impact in the community. Now more than ever before, digital and ICT skills are essential to participate fully in society and thrive. The Barbados chapter is therefore pleased to support I Am A Girl in providing capacity building and training to young people in Barbados.


Building Capacity of Social Enterprises Through Service Based Contributions

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, the team at Gateway International Inc. is delighted to play our part in enhancing and advancing the capacity of youth-led and youth-centred organisations, who seek to uplift, empower and unite communities for the greater good.  We provide administrative, legal and professional services to I Am A Girl, to ensure their governance and regulatory obligations are maintained, at the highest standards possible.


Transformative Change Occurs with Collective and Flexible Support to Girls 

With and For Girls recognises extraordinary girl-led and girl-centred groups and organisations around the world through an annual awards process that offers flexible funding alongside opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, accompaniment and profile raising.  It is a unique collaboration between 11 funders, united by a common belief that girls are agents of change. Since 2014 , the programme has supported 60 organisations in 41 countries, of which I Am A Girl was the first awarded in the English-speaking Caribbean.
Global Giving - I Am A Girl Barbados

Connectivity and Trusted Relationships are at the Center of Our Philanthropy

GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors and companies in nearly every country in the world. We help fellow nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to serve their communities. We help donors make safe and easy donations to vetted, locally-driven organisations around the world.  I Am A Girl is the first nonprofit from Barbados to graduate our accelerator programme, and to be vetted and awarded partnership on our platform.

our previous 'champions of impact'

us embassy bridgetown

Enhancing the Leadership Ability of Youth for Advancement of the Region

The U.S. Embassy to Bridgetown, the Eastern Caribbean and the OECS often welcomes the opportunity to collaborate on programs that strengthen ties between the U.S. and Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean through cultural, educational, business, and scientific programming that highlights shared values and promotes bilateral cooperation. Thus, I Am A Girl's partnership was build on a shared desire to future-proof Caribbean leadership, through a regional youth ambassador programme that fosters capacity building under '50 More'.

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Strategic Alignment to Build Capacity of The Most Vulnerable Among Youth

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust identifies worthwhile projects that will have a positive impact on the lives of those most vulnerable. We provide as much funding as we can to projects that fall under the strategic goals, sectors and regions defined by the Trust.  Our primary target groups include children and youth, women, the elderly and other challenged populations.  Their partnership with I Am A Girl has previously aided with our overall execution and implementation of the developmental programme for girls and youth.

Committed to the Community and Most Vulnerable that Need Them, Always!

Always is one of the brands under the Brydens Stokes Ltd. portfolio, which has partnered with I Am A Girl for many years. We are relationship-driven, and always put the needs of our customers first and the families who rely on our products foremost. We take social responsibility very seriously, and consistently make charitable donations in order to positively impact all levels of Barbadian society. We believe in being active with our presence and we place our community at the heart of what we do.

Building Resilience Through Key Partners to Adequately Fulfil the SDGs

We are here for every child, but our focus is on the most vulnerable girls and boys who need the extra attention and support. While supporting our governments and other partners to look out for all Eastern Caribbean children, we focus on those at risk of violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination. This includes children who have dropped out of school, indigenous children and children with disabilities. 

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