How To Donate Financially or In-Kind

Give a little. It means a lot!
We offer five (5) methods via which donors can contribute monetary or in-kind support to our work and causes...

Global Giving - I Am A Girl Barbados


We are an officially vetted and top-ranked organisation on GlobalGiving.org, one of the world's leading platforms for non-profit organisations. You can donate via this trusted platform from any country.

The options below are available, whether as an Individual or Organisational Donor, once the respective form(s) through our Compliance Process are completed and signed.

International Wire

We can provide our international bank account details for all donations via international wire transfer.



We can provide the respective link where we accept donations via this platform, that directly transfers to our bank account.


Donations via personal or business cheques are accepted but should be accompanied by an official letter when sent to our mailing address. 

Local Bank Deposit

We can provide our bank account details for direct deposits in-branch or via local (Barbados) online banking platforms.

Please contact us to complete the required steps for our donation process.

In-Kind Donations

Assistance in all forms is always welcomed as we strive to establish a safe haven for our girls.  One of those forms is through financial support, as the more you donate the more girls we reach and are able to aid in their development and growth.

Otherwise, there are numerous other ways to join our community in service:

  • If you would like to host an event or undertake a fundraising challenge on our behalf, we would be super delighted! We can even supply you with information about our work, including our logo, and one of our team members might even be able to come along to support you.
  • If you are a company or individual, and you'd like to make us your Charity Of The Year, and sponsor our work, whether in-kind or monetarily, you are amazing!
  • If you are a company or individual and you would like to offer pro-bono help, in the form of your skills and expertise, we would definitely appreciate that!

Contact us to join our community today in building solid programmes for the girls to benefit from, and projects with which will ensure our region's sustainability.

 Thank you in advance!  You are Awesome!!!

Do you want to get involved and contribute to our mission?