The Caribbean's Leading Non-Profit Community in Support of Girls

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Why We Exist

To ensure girls are placed in the driving seat of their own destiny, and build positive leaders, who are capable of emerging as winners, regardless of any challenges or adversity they will encounter in life.


To inspire, empower, and provide opportunities for young girls to lead, and create positive change.


To develop a positive shift in community spirit, and built an everlasting sisterhood among girls of every variety of background, locally and regionally.


Awarded and Vetted By:


With And For Girls

With And For Girls is the world's only participatory fund by and for adolescent girls, which recognises extraordinary girl-led and girl-centred groups around the world. I Am A Girl is the first NGO within the english-speaking Caribbean and the only from Barbados to be an awarded and vetted partner of this collective.

GG Vetted Badge - GlobalGiving - IAmAGirl

GlobalGiving Foundation

GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. I Am A Girl is the first Non-Profit Organisation from Barbados to graduate their accelerator programme,  and to be vetted and awarded partnership on the platform.



OnGood is the official manager of the .NGO and .ONG domains globally, which aims to legitimise charitable work. I Am A Girl has been vetted and approved as one of the Non-Profit or Non-Governmental Organisations to use this designation. It is the first and only organisation in Barbados to be approved as of February 2019.

What We Do

Capacity Building

Aiding in knowledge development for mentees and members.


Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one.
Guidance, and support for girls aged five (5) to eighteen (18).

Girls' Advocacy

Raising our voices at the policy level to invoke more change.

Community Development

Empowering to uplift the neighbours' keeper spirit that is lost.


Leading Positive Sustainable Change

We are driven to create sustainable impact in the lives of girls, which also includes educating and raising the awareness of others, locally and regionally, as we shape the Caribbean we desire to see, be proud of, and help transform, in the coming 50 years.

Learn more about one of our flagship projects below.

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Our Projects

Projects allow for mentees within our Generation Y network, that are reached, to give back and create an impact among the wider community, while at the same time affording members/volunteers to expand upon their skills and develop a better understanding of the needs being fulfilled. Projects are designed to develop leadership skills and abilities of the girls while encouraging sustainability.

Our Programmes

This is the basis behind the work we do.  We provide mentorship for all girls within our programme in addition to educational upliftment.  All workshops and sessions are tailored around challenging the girls to visualise differently in order to be more equipped to make informed decisions on a daily basis, meanwhile developing a sense of unity among the growing network of support.

Join Our Global Partners & Supporters

We could not succeed without the help and support of our regional and international partners, who contribute to our community impact, in various ways. Contact us to learn more about our partnership options and commence our Partners Vetting Process.

Get Involved Today

I Am A Girl - Mentees

Become A Mentee (Ages 5-18)

We exist to support the girls who benefit from our work, known as "Mentees". We work with Mentees via our private sessions, events and our school outreach programmes. Girls benefit from a caring sisterhood which provides capacity building and mentorship via dynamic, engaging and entertaining methods including dramatherapy, experiential learning and a range of other forms of interactive activities.

Our Mentee Application Form is officially open, (Limited Spaces Available), and Parents and/or Guardians may express interest in joining our community by clicking the link below.

Join Our Team

Our Operations Team comprises of individuals with a high desire to learn, grow and share, ranging from full time and part-time, to temporary posts, with a focus of girl-led and girl-centred initiatives.

We also have an active pool of volunteers who help us to execute our programmes, projects and fundraising. Generally roles span across areas such as programme management, project management, mentorship, team development, social media management, communication strategy, programme development and much more.

All individuals have the opportunity to work in their areas of strength with the option to grow in other areas as well. Click below to learn more.

I Am A Girl - Become A Volunteer or Intern

Hear Her Words....

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...And Shape Herstory!


I have been a mentee for 2 years and because of I Am A Girl I look at my attitude differently.  My anger is less, and I act more from love.

I Am A Girl Testminonials


I learned that you should know your worth, not let people manipulate you, and everything does not need a response.

I Am A Girl Testimonial


Being in I Am A Girl has taught me how to have a sisterhood with other girls.  I do not trust easily so in the past I would not care.

With Donations That Change Lives...

Our Community is thankful for organisational and individual donations which help us to execute our programmes and also provide, for example, mental well-being support, food security, hygiene essentials and educational resources for our girls.

We have been internationally vetted by and as an approved Non-Profit Organisation based on our ability to operate the organisation at an international standard.

Your donations make a direct impact to our mission and we sincerely appreciate each contribution!

Stay Connected With Our Community


You can stay up to date with the latest news, articles and more hosted on our online blog. You'll see what we are working on along with helpful resources and content.

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Make sure you don't miss anything by joining our e-mail list. Whether you are a parent or volunteer, you will receive the information that is most relevant to you in a timely way.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group is a hive of activity. It is an online community where information and resources can be shared by parents, volunteers, mentees and partners.

Upcoming Events

There are various events throughout the year which are hosted by us or our partners. To see upcoming events, please check our Event Calendar below.

Let's Talk!

Please visit our contact page to send us a message or physical mail. You may also stay connected via our Social Media channels below.

We look forward to hearing from you and talking soon!